Great Participation and Discussions at the HistoIndex Breakfast Meeting - Vienna 2019!

The HistoIndex team would like to extend their thanks and appreciation to over 50 guests who attended the HistoIndex Breakfast Meeting – Vienna 2019 on Friday, April 12. A huge thanks also goes out to the distinguished speakers, Prof Stephen Harrison, Medical Director of Pinnacle Clinical Research and Prof Pierre Bedossa, Medical Director of LIVERPAT, and our event chairperson, Dr Peter Traber from Alacrita.

The meeting was held to share noteworthy takeaways on the potential impact of HistoIndex’s Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) technology in NASH clinical trials, with reference to data from existing trials. This is significant to NASH candidates in the Phase II/III pipeline that are looking at the reduction and monitoring of fibrosis and steatosis. For a summary of the meeting and presentations, please click here to download our event slide deck.

Throwback to the HistoIndex Breakfast Meeting ViennaV2LR


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