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AASLD 2023

The Liver Meeting®

November 10-14

Breakfast Reception

10 November 2023 | 7 - 9 am

During the 2023 AASLD The Liver Meeting, we hosted an insightful industry event exploring The Future of Pathology in MASH Clinical Trials. We had the privilege to connect with many leaders involved in MASH clinical trials and share recent advancements with our AI-powered digital pathology solutions.

Kicking off the presentations, Prof. Stephen A. Harrison provided an overview focused on the impact of steatosis and liver volume reductions on fibrosis in MASH trials. As certain drugs can potently reduce fat content and liver volumes over short time periods, Prof. Harrison explained how these reductions can potentially impact interpretations of fibrosis if not adequately accounted for. He went on to demonstrate how HistoIndex’s qFibrosis technology incorporates procedures to normalize for these reductions, enabling improved detection of fibrosis changes.

Up next, Dr. Dean Tai shared valuable perspectives stemming from the recent FDA Non-invasive Tests (NITs) biomarker workshop, including remaining gaps that need to be addressed before biomarkers can be assessed as surrogate endpoints in MASH trials.

Some of the key highlights include:

  1. Effects of steatosis and liver volume reductions on fibrosis assessments
  2. Data on meaningful collagen parameters that relate better to clinical outcomes, compared to ordinal fibrosis staging
  3. Role of AI in helping pathologists achieve greater consistency and consensus while identifying ballooned hepatocytes and other features of MASH
  4. Use of AI to better evaluate fibrosis changes and enrich Phase 3 clinical trials from corresponding Phase 2 data

We are grateful for the insightful presentations and engaging dialogue, and look forward to the next meeting! To learn more, contact us.

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