Refining Pathology's Lens

We unveil unprecedented insights into collagen fibres within fibrotic tissues using our stain-free, AI-based digital pathology platform, enabling our partners to accelerate therapeutics.

Augmenting Tissue Analysis

Our proprietary technology integrates label-free Second Harmonic Generation imaging and explainable AI to consistently visualize and quantify subtleties within biological tissues that conventional methods miss. By analyzing key morphological and architectural markers, we provide translatable data from preclinical studies to clinical trials.


Mining Deep Data

Our imaging and analysis services accelerate advancements and regulatory approvals across the drug development and clinical diagnostic value chain.

Preclinical-Clinical Translatability

Clinical Trial Efficiency and Efficacy

Clinical Diagnostics Development

"[HistoIndex’s data] corroborates what the primary endpoint shows and it takes a deeper dive into what really is happening. These patients actually demonstrate even better results when qFibrosis is utilized. There are also significant correlations between reduction in qFibrosis and reduction to PDFF, ALT, AST, and ELF score.”
Dr. Stephen Harrison
Lead Principal Investigator of the MAESTRO studies for Resmetirom, Leading FDA Drug Candidate for NASH

Digitizing Healthcare

Through evidence-based studies, we are pushing the boundaries to algorithmize decision-making from drug development to precision diagnosis, to prediction of disease progression, and subsequently, life-changing therapies personalized to each patient. Discover how our stain-free, AI digital pathology platform can support your objectives.