Deciphering NASH: Fibrosis Dynamics in Cirrhotic Patients & Insights into Ballooned Hepatocytes Using AI

HistoIndex is excited to launch Part II of the Deciphering NASH series, and you are warmly invited to our complimentary webinar. At last year’s AASLD’s The Liver Meeting 2021, presentations featuring artificial intelligence (AI) data on Septa, Nodules, Fibrosis and Ballooning demonstrated our AI Digital Pathology (AI-DP) platform as a reproducible tool in improving drug efficacy readouts in NASH clinical trials.

Our proprietary integrated stain-free AI-DP platform incorporates a Second Harmonic Generation/Two-photon Excitation Fluorescence (SHG/TPEF) technology with an AI-based image analysis algorithms.

Presented by global Key Opinion Leaders in NASH, our webinar presentations aim to provide an in-depth understanding of how key features and subtleties of NASH can be fully quantified in an accurate and consistent manner with stain-free AI-DP with SHG/TPEF. The collective takeaways from these presentations will benefit pharma and biotech companies involved in therapeutic discovery and drug development for NASH.

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