The peer-reviewed journal publications and industry conference presentations in this list contain analytical data generated from images acquired using HistoIndex's Genesis® stain-free digital pathology platform.  





• Artificial Intelligence Improves Pathologist Agreement for Fibrosis Scores in Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis Patients

Gwyneth S T Soon, Feng Liu, Wei-Qiang Leow, Aileen Wee, Lai Wei, Arun J Sanyal. Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2022 Jun 10;S1542-3565(22)00555-9. doi: 10.1016/j.cgh.2022.05.027. Online ahead of print.


• Breakthroughs in Therapies for NASH and Remaining Challenges

Vlad Ratziu, Sven Francque, Arun Sanyal. J Hepatol. 2022 Jun;76(6):1263-1278. doi: 10.1016/j.jhep.2022.04.002.


• Complexity of Ballooned Hepatocyte Feature Recognition: Defining a Training Atlas for Artificial Intelligence-based Imaging in NAFLD

Elizabeth M. Brunt∗, Andrew D. Clouston, Zachary Goodman, Cynthia Guy, David E. Kleiner, Carolin Lackner, Dina G. Tiniakos, Aileen Wee, Matthew Yeh, Wei Qiang Leow, Elaine Chng, Yayun Ren, George Goh Boon Bee, Elizabeth E. Powell, Mary Rinella, Arun J. Sanyal, Brent Neuschwander-Tetri, Zobair Younossi, Michael Charlton, Vlad Ratziu, Stephen A. Harrison, Dean Tai∗, Quentin M. Anstee∗. Journal of Hepatology. Published January 24, 2022. ∗ Joint senior and corresponding authors



• Multi-photon Microscopy for the Evaluation of Interstitial Fibrosis in Extended Criteria Donor Kidneys: A Proof-of-Concept Study

Wei Zheng So, Rachel Zui Chih Teo, Li Yin Ooi, Benjamin Yen Seow Goh, Jirong Lu, Anantharaman Vathsala, Thomas Paulraj Thamboo, Ho Yee Tiong. Clinical Transplantation. 2022 May 22;e14717. doi: 10.1111/ctr.14717.


• Effects of Valproic Acid and Mitomycin C Combination Therapy in a Rabbit Model of Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery

Li-Fong Seet; Zhu Li Yap; Stephanie W. L. Chu; Li Zhen Toh; Farah Ilyana Ibrahim; Xiao Teng; Tina T. Wong. Translational Vision Science & Technology January 2022, Vol.11, 30. doi:





• Digital Pathology with Artificial Intelligence Analyses (DP-AI) Overcomes the Limitations of Current Scoring Systems in Assessing Fibrosis Regression for NASH F3 Patients

Arun Sanyal. AASLD TLMdX 2021, Oral Presentation. Parallel 10: Diagnostics and Biomarkers of NAFLD. 


• Safety and Efficacy of Tropifexor plus Cenicriviroc Combination Therapy in Adult Patients with Fibrotic NASH: 48 Week Results from the Phase 2b TANDEM Study

Quentin Anstee. AASLD TLMdX 2021, Oral Presentation. Parallel 21: NAFLD and NASH: Clinical Trials of Novel Therapeutics. 


• Unique Fibrosis Progression and Regression Features in NAFLD, Validation of Concept in Animal and Human Studies Using Artificial Intelligence Analyses (DP-AI)

Dean Tai, Amon Asgharpour, Yayun Ren, Mulugeta Seneshaw, Faridoddin Mirshahi, Arun Sanyal. AASLD TLMdX 2021 ePoster.


• The Complexity of Ballooned Hepatocyte Identification: Time to Rethink Trial Endpoints for Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis?

Elizabeth M Brunt, Andrew Clouston, Zachary Goodman, Cynthia Guy, David E. Kleiner, Karolin Lackner, Dina G. Tiniakos, Aileen Wee, Matthew Yeh, Wei Qiang Leow, Arun Sanyal, Brent Tetri, Mary Rinella, Vincent Wong, George Goh Boon Bee, Elizabeth Powell, Lai Wei, Zobair Younossi, Michael Charlton, Vlad Ratziu, Stephen Harrison, Elaine Chng, Yayung Ren, *Dean Tai, *Quentin M Anstee. AASLD TLMdX 2021 ePoster.


• Development of Machine Learning Histological Scores that Correlated with Portal Pressures and Development of Varices in NASH patients with Cirrhosis

Mazen Noureddin, Zachary D. Goodman, Dean Tai, Yayun Ren, Elaine Chng, Pol Boudes, Harold Shlevin, Stephen Harrison, Naga P. Chalasani. AASLD TLMdX 2021 ePoster (Poster of Distinction).


• qFIBS Performance in Pediatric Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis 

Feng Liu1*, Lai Wei*, Wei Qiang Leow, Shu-Hong Liu, Xiao-Xiao Wang, Xiao-He Li, Hui-Ying Rao, Rui Huang, Nan Wu, Aileen Wee, Jing Min Zhao. AASLD TLMdX 2021 ePoster.


Second Harmonic Generation (SHG)/Two-Photon Excitation Fluorescence (TPEF) Microscopy Imaging and Quantitative Assessment of Septa Fibrosis in Choline Deficient High Fat Diet (CDHFD) Rat Model of Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)

Xiao Teng, Rohan Manohar, Hiroaki Yashiro, Qiang Yang, Alvin Leong, Gideon Ho. AASLD TLMdX 2021 ePoster.


• SHG/TPEF Microscopy Imaging in the Fibrosis and Steatosis Progression of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) in Mouse Models

Wang Xiaoxiao, Rui Jin, Xiao-He Li, Qiang Yang, Xiao Teng, Nan Wu, Hui-Ying Rao, Feng Liu. AASLD TLMdX 2021 ePoster.


• qVessel, a Machine Learning-based Algorithm, Accurately Stages Liver Biopsies with Chronic Liver Disease, based on Automated Vessel Counting

Zhengxin Li, Tingting Zhu, Zhao Zhi-min, Qiang Yang, Xiao Teng, Ya-yun Ren, Dean Tai, Ian Wanless, Cheng-hai Liu. AASLD TLMdX 2021 ePoster.


• Predict Early Recurrence of Resectable Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using Multi-Dimensional Artificial Intelligence Analysis of Liver Fibrosis

Liu, I.-T.; Yen, C.-S.; Wang, W.-L.; Tsai, H.-W.; Chu, C.-Y.; Chang, M.-Y.; Hou, Y.-F.; Yen, C.-J. Cancers 2021, 13, 5323.


• Diet and Exercise Reduce Pre-existing NASH and Fibrosis and Have Additional Beneficial Effects on the Vasculature, Adipose Tissue and Skeletal Muscle via Organ-crosstalk

Anita M. van den Hoek, Jelle C.B.C. de Jong, Nicole Worms, Anita van Nieuwkoop, Marijke Voskuilen, Aswin L. Menke, Serene Lek, Martien P.M. Caspers, Lars Verschuren, Robert Kleemann. Metabolism. 2021 Nov;124:154873. doi: 10.1016/j.metabol.2021.154873. Epub 2021 Sep 1.


• Digital Pathology with Artificial Intelligence Analyses Reveal New Dynamics of Treatment Induced Fibrosis Regression in Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis

Nikolai V. Naoumov, Dominique Brees, Juergen Loeffler, Elaine Chng, Yayun Ren, Patricia Lopez, Dean Tai, Arun Sanyal, Sophie Lamle. PO#889. Available to registered delegates of the EASL International Liver Congress 2021. Read press release here.


• AI Digital Pathology Using qFibrosis Reveals Heterogeneity of Fibrosis Regression in Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Patients with SVR 

Feng Liu, Yameng Sun, Dean Tai, Yayun Ren, Elaine Chng, Aileen Wee, Pierre Bedossa, Rui Huang, Jian Wang, Lai Wei, Hong You, Huiying Rao. PO#1857. Available to registered delegates of the EASL International Liver Congress 2021. 


• Digital Pathology to Assess Pathobiology and Treatment Response in NAFLD

Presenter: Nikolai V. Naoumov. EASL Basic Science Seminar. Artificial intelligence, “Omics” and Big Data in Liver Research - Emerging Technologies. Available to registered delegates of the EASL International Liver Congress 2021. 


• Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) Microscopy and Hepatic Venous Pressure Gradient-based Validation of a Novel Histological Staging System for Alcoholic Hepatitis

Archana Rastogi, Nayana Patil, Rakhi Maiwall, Chhagan Bihari, Ananda Soshee & Shiv K. Sarin. Virchows Arch (02 April 2021).


• Artificial Intelligence in Prediction of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Fibrosis

Grace Lai-Hung Wong, Pong-Chi Yuen, Andy Jinhua Ma, Anthony Wing-Hung Chan, Howard Ho-Wai Leung and Vincent Wai-Sun Wong. 2021 Mar;36(3):543-550. doi: 10.1111/jgh.15385. PMID: 33709607.


• Reliable Computational Quantification of Liver Fibrosis is Compromised by Inherent Staining Variation

Stuart Astbury, Jane I Grove, David A Dorward, Indra N Guha, Jonathan A Fallowfield, Timothy J Kendall. J Pathol Clin Res. 2021 Jun 2. doi: 10.1002/cjp2.227. Online ahead of print.


• Quantification of Extracellular Matrix Features and its Implications in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients after Curative Liver Resection 

Presenting Author: Prof. Dr. Kai-Wen Huang. ePoster P095. Digital Liver Cancer Summit 2021.


• The Significance Of Quantified Extracellular Matrix Features In Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma After Curative Liver Resection

Presenting Author: Prof. Dr. Chih-Yang Hsiao. Poster No. 033. APASL 2021. 


• Dynamic Fibrosis Features in HCV Post-treatment Liver Biopsies and Its Interpretation 

Presenting Author: Prof Feng Liu. Poster No. 070. APASL 2021. 


• Predict Early Recurrence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using Multi-dimensional Artificial Intelligence Analysis of Liver Fibrosis

Presenting Author: Prof. Dr. I-ting Liu. Poster No. 175. APASL 2021.  


• Improved Second Harmonic Generation and Two-photon Excitation Fluorescence Microscopy-based Quantitative Assessments of Liver Fibrosis through Auto-correction and Optimal Sampling

Chih-Yang Hsiao, Xiao Teng, Tung-Hung Su, Po-Huang Lee, Jia-Horng Kao, Kai-Wen Huang. Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery, North America. Submitted Mar 05, 2020. Accepted for publication Sep 11, 2020. Online Nov 11, 2020. Published in January 2021. Available at doi: 10.21037/qims-20-394.



• Bimodal Fibrosis in a Novel Mouse Model of Bleomycin-induced Usual Interstitial Pneumonia

Yoko Miura, Maggie Lam, Jane E Bourke, Satoshi Kanazawa. Life Sci Alliance. 2021 Nov 2;5(1):e202101059. doi: 10.26508/lsa.202101059. Print 2022 Jan.


• Assessment of Renal Fibrosis and Anti‐fibrotic Agents using a Novel Diagnostic and Stain‐free Second‐Harmonic Generation Platform

Sadman Bhuiyan, Matthew Shen, Sharenya Chelvaretnam, Andre Y. Tan, Gideon Ho, Mohammed Akhter Hossain, Robert E. Widdop, Chrishan S. Samuel. FASEB Volume 35, Issue 5, May 2021, e21595. First published 28 April 2021.





• Safety and Efficacy of Tropifexor in Patients with Fibrotic Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis: 48-week Results from Part C of the Phase 2 FLIGHT-FXR Study

Prof. Arun Sanyal, The Liver Meeting Digital Experience (TLMx). 13-16 November 2020. Available to registered attendees of the TLMx. Read press release here.


• Updates in the Quantitative Assessment of Liver Fibrosis for Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Histological Perspective

Soon G, Wee A. Clin Mol Hepatol. 2020 Nov 19. doi: 10.3350/cmh.2020.0181. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 33207115.


• Liver Forum, Histology Series Session 2: Innovations: Utilizing Digital Methods and New Technology - HistoIndex

HistoIndex was one of the presenters in this session. Presentation by Dean Tai. 27 October 2020.


 Dynamic Fibrosis Features in Post-treatment Biopsies and its Interpretation

Elaine Lay Khim Chng, Dean Tai, Yayun Ren, Pierre Bedossa. Poster Presentation, Digital Paris NASH Meeting 2020. 22-23 October 2020.


• BMS-986263 (Novel Targeted Lipid Nanoparticle Delivering HSP47 siRNA) Safety and Target Engagement in Patients with Advanced Hepatic Fibrosis: Week 36 Results from a Phase 2 Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Trial

Eric Lawitz et. al. LBP17, EASL Digital International Liver Congress 2020. Available to registered attendees of the DILC 2020.


 An Improved qFibrosis Algorithm for Precise Screening and Enrollment into Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) Clinical Trials

Leow, Wei-Qiang; Bedossa, Pierre; Liu, Feng; Wei, Lai; Lim, Kiat-Hon; Wan, Wei-Keat; Ren, Yayun; Chang, Jason .-E.; Tan, Chee-Kiat; Wee, Aileen; Goh, George .-B. Diagnostics (Basel). 2020 Aug 28;10(9):E643.


 • qFIBS: A Novel Automated Technique for Quantitative Evaluation of Fibrosis, Inflammation, Ballooning, and Steatosis in Patients with Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis

Liu F, Boon-Bee Goh G, Tiniakos D, Wee A, Leow W, Zhao JM, Rao HY, Wang X, Wang Q, Wan WK, Lim KH, Romero-Gomez M, Petta S, Bugianesi E, Tan CK, Harrison SA, Anstee QM, Chang PJ, Wei L. Hepatology 2020 Jun;71(6):1953-1966. doi:10.1002/hep.30986. Epub 2020 May 7. HEPATOLOGY Honor Roll: Editor's Choice


• Quantifying and Monitoring Fibrosis in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Using Dual-photon Microscopy

Yan Wang, Grace Lai-Hung Wong, Fang-Ping He, Jian Sun, Anthony Wing-Hung Chan, Jinlian Yang, Sally She-Ting Shu, Xieer Liang, Yee Kit Tse, Xiao-Tang Fan, Jinlin Hou, Henry Lik-Yuen Chan, Vincent Wai-Sun Wong. Gut, 2020 Jun;69(6):1116-1126. Epub 28 Sep 2019. 


 Long-Term Obeticholic Acid Therapy Improves Histological Endpoints in Patients With Primary Biliary Cholangitis

Christopher L. Bowlus, Paul J. Pockros, Andreas E. Kremer, Albert Parés, Lisa M. Forman, Joost P.H. Drenth, Stephen D. Ryder, Luigi Terracciano, Yuying Jin, Alexander Liberman, Richard Pencek, Uche Iloeje, Leigh MacConell, Pierre Bedossa. Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2020 May;18(5):1170-1178.e6. doi: 10.1016/j.cgh.2019.09.050. Epub 2019 Oct 10. PMID: 31606455.


• Improved Quantitative Assessment of HBV-associated Liver Fibrosis Using Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy with Feature Selection

C.-Y.Hsiao, X.Teng, T.-H.Su. P.-H.Lee, J.-H.Kao, K.-W.Huang. Clin Res Hepatol Gastroenterol. 2020 Feb;44(1):12-20. doi: 10.1016/j.clinre.2019.04.003. Epub 2019 May 7.


• Comparing Hepatic Steatosis Distribution Patterns between Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Fatty Liver Disease with Chronic Hepatitis B by Second-Harmonic Generation/Two-Photon Excited Fluorescence Method

Zhenjie Zhuang, Huanjia Qu, Wenjun Yang, Juan Liu, Fuyan Wang, Yinlan Liu, Jianping Ding, Junping Shi. Ann Hepatol. May-Jun 2020;19(3):313-319. Epub 2019 Dec 3.


• Concomitant Zonal Quantification of qSteatosis and qFibrosis in a Sub-study from EMMINENCE, a 12-month Phase 2b NASH study of MSDC-0602K

Stephen A. Harrison, Dean C.S. Tai, Yayun Ren, Elaine L.K. Chng, Howard C. Dittrich. NASH-Tag 2020 Poster Presentation.



• The Significance of Fibrosis Quantification as a Marker in Assessing Pseudo-Capsule Status and Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma Prognosis

Qin C, Yin H, Liu H, Liu F, Du Y, Xu T. Diagnostics (Basel). 2020;10(11):895. Published 2020 Nov 2. doi:10.3390/diagnostics10110895.


• Assessment of Progressive Alterations in Collagen Organization in the Postoperative Conjunctiva by Multiphoton Microscopy

Li-Fong Seet, Stephanie W. L. Chu, Xiao Teng, Li Zhen Toh, and Tina T. Wong. Biomed Opt Express. 2020 Oct 19;11(11):6495-6515. doi: 10.1364/BOE.403555. eCollection 2020 Nov 1.


• Multiphoton Microscopic Study of the Renal Cell Carcinoma Pseudocapsule: Implications for Tumour Enucleation

LYi Quan Tan, Wy Keat Tay, Li Yin Ooi, Thomas Paulraj Thamboo, Ho Yee Tiong. Urology. 2020 Oct;144:249-254. doi: 10.1016/j.urology.2020.06.064. Epub 2020 Jul 16. 


• Prognostic Value of Desmoplastic Stroma in Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma

Nathalie Guedj, Lorraine Blaise, François Cauchy, Miguel Albuquerque, Olivier Soubrane, Valérie Paradis. Mod Pathol. 2020 Aug 28. doi: 10.1038/s41379-020-00656-y. Online ahead of print.


• Quantitative Stain-free Imaging and Digital Profiling of Collagen Structure Reveal Diverse Survival of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patients

Laurent Gole, Joe Yeong, Jeffrey Chun Tatt Lim, Kok Haur Ong, Hao Han, Aye Aye Thike, Yong Cheng Poh, Sidney Yee, Jabed Iqbal, Wanjin Hong, Bernett Lee, Weimiao Yu, Puay Hoon Tan. Breast Cancer Res 22, 42 (2020). 





• qFIBS for the Automated Quantitative Evaluation of Histological Evolution in Pediatric Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis

Feng Liu, Jingmin Zhao, Leow Wei-Qiang, Ya-Yun Ren, Xiaoxiao Wang, Xiaohe Li, Huiying Rao, Wei Zhang, Aileen Wee, Lai Wei. Poster Presentation at The Liver Meeting (AASLD). 10 November 2019. 


• Steatosis and Fibrosis Measured as Continuous Variables on Paired, Serial Liver Biopsies in the Resmetirom (MGL-3196) 36-week Phase 2 NASH Study

Stephen A Harrison, Dean Tai, Ya-Yun Ren, Rebecca A. Taub, Mustafa Bashir. Poster Presentation at The Liver Meeting (AASLD). 11 November 2019. 


• Quantitative SHG Microscopy: Unraveling the Nano-architecture of the Cirrhotic Liver

Ian R. Wanless. Clin Res Hepatol Gastroenterol. 2019 Aug 12. pii: S2210-7401(19)30174-3. doi: 10.1016/j.clinre.2019.07.009.


• ECM1 Prevents Activation of Transforming Growth Factor β, Hepatic Stellate Cells, and Fibrogenesis in Mice

Weiguo Fan, Tianhui Liu, Wen Chen, Seddik Hammad, Thomas Longerich, Ingrid Hausser, Yadong Fu, Nan Li, Yajing He, Cui Liu, Yaguang Zhang, Qiaoshi Lian, Xinhao Zhao, Chenghua Yan, Li Li, Chunyan Yi, Zhiyang Ling, Liyan Ma, Xinyan Zhao, Hufeng Xu, Ping Wang, Min Cong, Hong You, Zhihong Liu, Yan Wang, Jianfeng Chen, Dangsheng Li, Lijian Hui, Steven Dooley, Jinlin Hou, Jidong Jia, and Bing Sun. Gastroenterology. 2019 Nov;157(5):1352-1367.e13. doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2019.07.036. Epub 2019 Jul 27.


• SHG/TPEF-based Image Technology Improves Liver Fibrosis Assessment of Minimally Sized Needle Biopsies

Bingqiong Wang, Yameng Sun, Jialing Zhou, Xiaoning Wu, Shuyan Chen, Yiwen Shi, Shanshan Wu, Hui Liu, Yayun Ren, Xiaojuan Ou, Jidong Jia, and Hong You. Hepatol Int 2019 Jul;13(4):501-509. doi: 10.1007/s12072-019-09955-2. Epub 2019 Jun 11.


• Digital Pathology: What is the Future?

V. Paradis, A. Quaglia. Journal of Hepatology. May 2019, Volume 70, Issue 5, Pages 1016–1018.


• qBallooning: Automated Image Detection for Ballooning Degeneration in Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)

Wei-Qiang Leow, Wei Keat Wan, Josh Jie Hua Loh, Syed Muhammad Fahmy Alkaff, Dean C.S. Tai, Yayun Ren, George Boon-Bee Goh, Chee Kiat Tan, Pik Eu Chang, Kiat Hon Lim. 51. S89-S90. 10.1016/j.pathol.2018.12.236. 


• MRI-PDFF Response in MGL-3196 and Placebo Treated Patients Predicts Reduction in Ballooning and Inflammation Components of NAS and NASH Resolution in a 36-week Serial Liver Biopsy Study

Stephen A. Harrison, Mustafa R. Bashir, Cynthia Guy, Rebecca Taub. Poster Presentation (SAT-347) at EASL 2019.


• The Glucocorticoid Antagonist ST001 Prevents Development of NASH and Improves Aspects of the Metabolic Syndrome in the DIAMOND™ Mouse Model

Rebecca Caffrey. Poster Presentation (PS-129) at EASL 2019.


• Long-Term Obeticholic Acid Treatment is Associated With Improvements in Collagen Morphometry in Patients With Primary Biliary Cholangitis

Andreas E. Kremer, Christopher L. Bowlus, Pierre Bedossa, Albert Parés, Lisa M. Forman, Joost P.H. Drenth, Stephen Ryder, Luigi Terracciano, Yuying Jin, Alexander Liberman, Richard Pencek, Leigh MacConell, Paul J. Pockros. Poster presentation (FRI-033) at EASL 2019.


• Morphometric Collagen Analysis Discerns Anti-fibrotic Effects of INT-767 and OCA in NASH Mouse Models Using Second Harmonic Generation Imaging

Li Chen, Mathieu Petitjean, Luciano Adorini, Jonathan Roth. Poster presentation (SAT-342) at EASL 2019.


• Quantification of Hepatic Steatosis in Chronic Liver Disease using Novel Automated Method of Second Harmonic Generation and Two-photon Excited Fluorescence

George Boon-Bee Goh, Wei Qiang Leow, Shen Liang, Wei Keat Wan, Tony Kiat Hon Lim, Chee Kiat Tan & Pik Eu Chang. Scientific Reports (2019) 9:2975,


• A Quantitative Method (qVessel) Analysis: The Characteristics of Hepatic Vascular Changes in Different Causes

Zheng Xin Li, Zhao Zhi Min, Cheng Hai Liu, Ya Yun Ren, Xiao Teng, Dean Tai. Poster Presentation at APASL 2019.


Comparison of Various Quantitative and Qualitative Collagen Analysis Methods in Early Liver Fibrosis 

Reinout Stoop, Martine Morrison, Serene Lek, Arianne van Koppen, Lars Verschuren, Nicky van Trigt, Natascha van Lent, Roeland Hanemaaijer. Keystone Symposia 2019; Integrated Pathways of Disease in NASH and NAFLD.



• Quantitative Imaging and Characterization of Collagen Patterns in High Grade Serous Ovarian Carcinoma (HGSOC)

Ruby Huang. Poster Presentation on 28 Sep 19 at the ESMO Congress 2019. 


• A Novel Nutritional Supplement Prevents Muscle Loss and Accelerates Muscle Mass Recovery in Caloric-restricted Mice

Anita M. van den Hoek, Gerben C.M. Zondag, Lars Verschuren, Christa de Ruiter, Joline Attema, Elly C. de Wit, Anne M.K. Schwerk, Bruno Guigas, Serene Lek, Annemarie Rietman, Rein Strijker, Robert Kleemann. Metabolism - Clinical and Experimental, August 2019, Volume 97, Pages 57–67


• Multi-photon Microscopy for Characterization of Renal Cell Carcinoma Pseudocapsule: Implications for Tumour Enucleation

Quan Tan Yi, Tay Wy Keat, Ooi Yin Li, Teo Zui Chih Rachel, Tiong Ho Yee. 34th Annual EAU Congress.


• Protocols for Culturing and Imaging a Human Ex Vivo Osteochondral Model for Cartilage Biomanufacturing Applications

Serena Duchi, Stephanie Doyle, Timon Eekel, Cathal D. O’Connell , Cheryl Augustine, Peter Choong, Carmine Onofrillo and Claudia Di Bella. MDPI, Materials 2019, 12(4), 640;





 Application of Human NASH-based Transcriptome and Metabolome Profiles in Preclinical Models for the Translational Study of Drug Effects on Liver Fibrosis 

Morrison MC, Verschuren L, Salic K, vanden Hoek AM, Menke A, Verheij J, Iruarrizaga-Lejarreta M, Turner S, Schwerk A, van Koppen A, Wielinga P Y, Mato JM, Hanemaaijer R, Alonso C, Kleemann R. Poster Presentation, HistoIndex Breakfast Meeting 2018. 


• Collagen Structure Similarities between in vitro and in vivo Liver Fibrosis Models

Stroebel S, Rupp J, Kostadinova R, Gart E, Salic K, Morrison MC, Kleemann R, Lek S, Thoma E, Guye P. Poster Presentation, HistoIndex Breakfast Meeting 2018.


• A Better Quantitative Method to Evaluate Liver Fibrosis of Short Liver Biopsy Samples in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients

Bingqiong Wang, Yameng Sun, Jialing Zhou, Xiaoning Wu, Shuyan Chen, Yiwen Shi, Shanshan Wu, Xiaojuan Ou, Jidong Jia and Hong You. Poster Presentation, AASLD 2018.


• To Improve the Current Quantitative Assay of Liver Fibrosis By Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy
Kai-Wen Huang, Hepatitis Research Center, National Taiwan University Hospital. Poster Presentation, AASLD 2018.


• New Automated Evaluation Tool qFIBS - Quantitative Assessment for Fibrosis, Inflammation, Ballooning, and Steatosis in Patients with Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis

Feng Liu, Boon Bee George Goh, Dina Tiniakos, Aileen Wee, Leow Wei-Qiang, Jingmin Zhao, Huiying Rao, Xiao-Xiao Wang, Qin Wang, Wei-Keat Wan, Kiat Hon Lim, Manuel Romero-Gomez, Salvatore Petta, Elisabetta Bugianesi, Chee-Kiat Tan, Stephen A. Harrison, Quentin M. Anstee, Jason Chang and Lai Wei. Oral presentation, AASLD 2018. 


• Icosabutate, A Novel Structurally Engineered Fatty-acid, Exhibits Potent Anti-inflammatory and Anti-fibrotic Effects in a Dietary Mouse Model Resembling Progressive Human NASH

David A Fraser, Xiaoyu Wang, Cristina Alonso, Serene Lek, Tore Skjaeret, Detlef Schuppan. Poster presentation, AASLD 2018.


• Liver Fibrosis Quantification by Digital Whole Slide Imaging and Two-Photon Microscopy with Second Harmonic Generation

Jolanta Jedrzkiewicz, Mary P Bronner, Mohamed E Salama, Jessica Kohan, Leslie R Rowe, Dean Tai, Elisabeth Malmberg and Erinn Downs-Kelly. Int J Pathol Clin Res 4:078.


• OCA Modulates Serum Metabolites and Gene Signatures Characteristic for Human NASH and Attenuates Inflammation and Fibrosis Progression in Ldlr-/-.Leiden Mice

Morrison MC, Verschuren L, Salic K, Verheij J, Menke A, Wielinga PY, Iruarrizaga-Lejarreta M, Gole L, Yu W, Turner S, Caspers MPM, Martínez-Arranz I, Pieterman EJ, Stoop R, van Koppen A,van den Hoek AM, Mato JM, Hanemaaijer R, Alonso C, Kleemann R. Hepatology Communications. 2018 Oct 29;2(12):1513-1532. doi: 10.1002/hep4.1270.


• Modeling NAFLD Disease Burden in China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States for the Period 2016–2030

Chris Estes, Quentin M. Anstee, Maria Teresa Arias-Loste, ..., Lai Wei, Stefan Zeuzem, Homie Razavi. J Hepatol. 2018 Oct;69(4):896-904. doi: 10.1016/j.jhep.2018.05.036. Epub 2018 Jun 8.


• Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy Provides Accurate Automated Staging of Liver Fibrosis in Patients with Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Pik Eu Chang, George Boon Bee Goh, Wei Qiang Leow, Liang Shen, Kiat Hon Lim, Chee Kiat Tan. PLoS ONE 13(6):e0199166.


• Improved Performance of Quantitative Collagen Parameters versus Standard Histology in Longitudinal Assessment of Nonadvanced Liver Fibrosis for Chronic Hepatitis B

Y. Wang, X. Liang, J. Yang, H. Wang, D. Tan, S. Chen, J. Cheng, Y. Chen, J. Sun, F. Rong, W. Yang, H. Liu, Z. Liu, Y. Zheng, J. Liang, S. Li, Z. Liu, J. Hou. Journal of Viral Hepatitis,


• Advanced Septa Size Quantitation Determines the Evaluation of Histological Fibrosis Outcome in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients

Bingqiong Wang, Yameng Sun, Jialing Zhou, Xiaoning Wu, Shuyan Chen, Shanshan Wu, Hui Liu, Tailing Wang, Xiaojuan Ou, Jidong Jia, Hong You. Modern Pathology,


• Quantitative Assessment of Liver Fibrosis (qFibrosis) Reveals Precise Outcomes in Ishak "Stable" Patients on Anti-HBV Therapy

Yameng Sun, Jialing Zhou, Xiaoning Wu, Yongpeng Chen, Hongxin Piao, Lungen Lu, Huiguo Ding, Yuemin Nan, Wei Jiang, Tailing Wang, Hui Liu, Xiaojuan Ou, Aileen Wee, Neil D. Theise, Jidong Jia, Hong You., Scientific Reports. 2018 Feb 14;8(1):2989. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-21179-2.


• INT-767 Improves Histopathological Features in a Diet-induced ob/ob Mouse Model of Biopsy-confirmed Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)

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• Fully Automated Quantitative Assessment for NASH Using the Genesis®200 Imaging System

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