Poster Presentation at the 2018 US Chinese American Pathologist Association Annual Meeting

Dr Joe Yeong from the Department of Anatomical Pathology, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore, shares his poster presentation on Quantitative Imaging and Deep Profiling of Collagen Structure in Triple Negative Breast Cancer at the 2018 US Chinese American Pathologist Association Annual Meeting. For this poster, Dr Yeong won the Third place for the Best Abstract Award at this Annual Meeting.

Using HistoIndex's Genesis®200 system, Dr Yeong's team came up with an automated image analysis pipeline with SHG, offering a novel platform to quantitate stromal collagens of the tumor microenvironment. This will help to better predict the clinical outcome of patients with triple-negative breast cancer. Check out the poster here to read further.

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Image on Left: Representative Multiplex IHC image of a triple negative breast cancer. (PD-L1: Dark Green, PD-1: Light Green, CD68: Red, CD8: Pink, CK: Cyan, CD20: Brown)

Image on Right: The merged image of the Genesis®200 (Second Harmonic Generation pathology imaging system) and the corresponding multiplex IHC image C, showed Orange colored collagen fibres surrounding the tumour nests. This might suggest this is a “immune excluded tumour” phenotype.




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