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Date: 27 Oct 2020

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have emerged as innovative ways to maximize the data that can be generated by liver biopsy samples. The goal of this session was to review the state of the field, and dive into the logistical, technical, and regulatory hurdles that must be addressed for these technologies to go from being used in exploratory fashion to being accepted for use in clinical trials.


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Fibrosis in liver tissue 20 May 2019

Digestive Disease Week 2019: SHG Technology in POISE Substud...

Date: 20 May 2019

"Second harmonic generation (SHG) microscopy is a new tissue imaging technology that allows the accurate quantification of several collagen parameters on unstained tissue sections,” he said. “So, it is different than the morphometry we used in the past."
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Poster Presentation at the 2018 US Chinese American Patholog...

Date: 02 Oct 2018

Dr Joe Yeong from the Department of Anatomical Pathology, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore, shares his poster presentation on Quantitative Imaging and Deep Profiling of Collagen Structure in Triple Negative Breast Cancer at the 2018 US Chinese American Pathologist Association Annual Meeting. For this poster, Dr Yeong won the Third place for the Best Abstract Award at this Annual Meeting.

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BioMelbourne Network's 6th Annual Devices + Diagnostics Lab

Date: 27 Mar 2018

At BioMelbourne Network's 6th Annual Devices + Diagnostics Lab event this morning, our colleague, Dr Andre Tan introduced HistoIndex’s foray into Melbourne with its new stain-free digital pathology systems to guide fibrosis research, and highlighted two significant announcements.

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NASH-Tag 2018

Date: 04 Jan 2018

HistoIndex showcased a poster presentation at the NASH Tag 2018 in Park City, Utah, on January 4 this year. Delegates had the opportunity to interact and find out how users can benefit from a system that fully quantifies liver fibrosis with just a single stain-free tissue sample, to better diagnose this chronic disease.

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Anti-Fibrotic Drug Development (AFDD) Summit 2017

Date: 13 Nov 2017

Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) together with Two-photon Excitation Fluorescence (TPE) imaging and computerized image analysis algorithms are used in this study to provide a novel, sensitive, and efficient method for collagen quantitation. Information on the collagen fibers in various animal models is extracted to assess fibrosis as it advances or regress in response to therapeutic compounds.

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Poster Presentations: AASLD Liver Meeting 2017

Date: 20 Oct 2017

At the AASLD Liver Meeting this year, the following presentations were conducted by our distinguished partner and collaborator respectively:

- Detailed Analysis of the Antifibrotic Effect of INT-767, a Dual FXR/TGR5 Agonist in an Obese Mouse Model of Diet-induced and Biopsy-confirmed NASH

- Application of Human NASH-based Transcriptome and Metabolome Profiles in Preclinical Models

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3rd Digital Pathology Congress Asia-Pacific 2017

Date: 17 Sep 2017

At the 3rd Digital Pathology Congress Asia-Pacific 2017, Dr Yu Weimiao (Head, Computational BioImage Analysis (CBA) Unit, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, A*STAR) conducted a presentation on Quantitative Imaging and Deep Profiling of Collagen Structure for Asian Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Novel perspectives for Breast Cancer Micro-Environment.

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EASL 2017: The International Liver Congress

Date: 21 Apr 2017

The following posters were presented at this year's EASL: The International Liver Congress:

1) Development and validation of automated assessment of liver fibrosis using second harmonic generation microscopy in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. 

2) Automated, fully quantitative analysis by using second harmonic generation microscopy in the fibrosis progression of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

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Keystone Symposia: Injury, Inflammation and Fibrosis 2017

Date: 26 Mar 2017

The Keystone Symposia will bring together basic biologists and translational and clinical researchers to discuss core mechanisms underlying inflammation and fibrosis, to compare and contrast fibrotic diseases, preclinical models, the potential for regeneration and regression of fibrosis, and potential therapies.

Click here to find out about the presentations by HistoIndex collaborators at this year's Keystone Symposia.

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