3rd Digital Pathology Congress Asia-Pacific 2017

At the 3rd Digital Pathology Congress Asia-Pacific 2017, Dr Yu Weimiao (Head, Computational BioImage Analysis (CBA) Unit, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, A*STAR) conducted a presentation on Quantitative Imaging and Deep Profiling of Collagen Structure for Asian Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Novel perspectives for Breast Cancer Micro-Environment.

The ExtraCellular Matrix (ECM) maintains normal tissue polarity and architecture and also prevents cancer cell invasion. Therefore, deregulation and remodeling of the ECM dynamics are one of the prerequisite and hallmarks of cancer. The importance of stromal biology in breast tumor progression is highlighted in many studies.

We used a novel imaging solution to explore the collagen structure in TNBC: Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) and Two-Photon Emission (TPE) imaging: The SHG imaging will fully quantify the micro-environment, including collagen type I & III, blood vessel (angiogenesis) and stromal structures.

We developed an automatic image analysis solution to extract different features in the SHG images, including collagen structural information, which plays a key role in the aggressiveness of the breast cancer. The extracted parameters are then correlated with our clinical outcome.

Several imaging parameters from SHG-TPE technology have shown potential to clinicopathological parameters, such as tumor grade, size, lymph node staging, survival rate, as well as PD-L1/PD-1. Our deep profiling of the 388 patient samples shows novel understanding of the micro-environment change during the breast cancer progress.


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