BioMelbourne Network's 6th Annual Devices + Diagnostics Lab

At BioMelbourne Network's 6th Annual Devices + Diagnostics Lab event this morning, our colleague, Dr Andre Tan introduced HistoIndex’s foray into Melbourne with its new stain-free digital pathology systems to guide fibrosis research, and highlighted two significant announcements:

1) The development of FibroIndex©, a new and advanced image analysis research tool that provides detailed, quantifiable measures of tissue features obtained from our Genesis®200.

2) Two of Melbourne’s leading universities are the first to adopt Genesis®200, the world’s first fully automated, stain-free digital pathology system, coupled with FibroIndex©. As key research groups specialising in fibrosis in Melbourne, the universities are potential preclinical research reference laboratories for researchers, beyond liver/kidney fibrosis, in areas such as cancer, biomaterials and stem-cell therapies.

We would like to offer our utmost gratitude to the BioMelbourne Network team of organisers and sponsors for kindly having us at this event, which we see as a platform that advocates the importance of medical technology and how it accelerates the improvement of care and outcome in the healthcare arena.

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