About Us

Empowered by a drive to further advance and innovate AI-powered imaging technology, our dedicated team takes pride in revolutionizing the healthcare of tomorrow today.

Our Mission

HistoIndex aims to provide products and services in the area of medical diagnostics, equipping researchers with the world’s first fully quantitative, stain-free, computer-assisted tissue assessment system to assist in the speedy and accurate diagnosis of fibrosis and cancer.

Our Vision

Creating new standards for stain-free diagnosis.

Our Values

Passion, Inspiration, Care


Founded in 2010, HistoIndex®

is a leading global MedTech company spun off from Agency of Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore. HistoIndex specializes in AI-based stain-free digital pathology solutions. Enabled by Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) and Two-Photon Excitation (TPE), along with automated imaging analysis, HistoIndex’s digital pathology platform characterizes and accurately quantifies morphological features within the tissues including fine measurements of disease progression and regression.


Critical for the evaluation of the fibrosis in treatment efficacy, this SHG-enabled digital pathology platform is currently utilized in multiple FDA clinical trials, and has assisted many organizations in fully quantifying histological changes in their preclinical studies and clinical trials.


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“It is always exciting when we unravel new data and push the boundaries in pursuit of better forms of treatment. Data holds the answers so it’s my job to ask the right questions while making it meaningful and relevant.” 

Yee Jie Min (Data Analyst)



“Working directly with the Genesis®200 machines, I take pride in upkeeping our quality standards while ensuring our scanning operations are effectively executed.”

Saroja Savundararaj (Assistant Lab Manager)