2 Sep 2015 Webinar Fibro C Index 02 Sep 2015

Webinar: Fibro-C-Index

Date: 02 Sep 2015

Liver fibrosis is a result of wound healing responses with resultant accumulation of collagen. During the webinar, we will introduce the Fibro-C-Index and explain how this morphology-based algorithm improves the...

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2 Jul 2015 Another Webinar Discussion 02 Jul 2015

Webinar: Imaging and Quantification of Collagen and Measurem...

Date: 02 Jul 2015

Dr. Gideon Ho will present the Genesis Imaging system that has been optimised and validated for the imaging and quantification of collagen and measurement of cell metabolism (NADPH).Date/Time: Wednesday, 15th...

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Page 5 Region based Collagen Segmentation 2 10 Jun 2015

Non-linear Microscopy to Detect and Quantify Collagen

Date: 10 Jun 2015

This is an hour-long discussion on non-linear microscopy to detect and quantify collagen - use of Second Harmonic Generation and Two-Photon Microscopy for automated quantitative collagen analyses. It will be held on Wednesday, 24th June 2015 at 12:01am (US Time) or Tuesday, 23rd June 2015 at 12:00 noon (Singapore Time). 


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Special Event 16 Mar 2015

24th Conference of APASL 2015, Istanbul

Date: 16 Mar 2015

We had the honor of having Dr. Huang Kai-Wen, Attending Physician and Assistant Professor of the Department of Surgery and Hepatitis Research Center at the National Taiwan University Hospital, to...

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