Dialogues on AI Digital Pathology is a series of webinars and podcasts that look into the role of AI in drug discovery and treatment development efforts for Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH). Do click onto the webinars/podcasts to listen to our guest speakers, who are clinical and industry experts in the field of liver diseases. Follow/Subscribe to our Podcasts now!

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Podcast Cover Art 17 Aug 2020

[Full Podcast] Episode 1 with Dr Stephen Harrison - Dialogu...

Date: 17 Aug 2020

In our inaugural episode of Dialogues on AI Digital Pathology, we speak to Dr Stephen Harrison (Medical Director of Pinnacle Clinical Research) on the role AI digital pathology can play in current NASH drug development.


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Podcast trailer 12 Aug 2020

PODCAST TRAILER: Dialogues on AI Digital Pathology

Date: 12 Aug 2020

Welcome to Dialogues on AI Digital Pathology. In this Podcast series, we’ll be speaking to medical and industry experts, who will be sharing their thoughts on the evolving trends of AI digital pathology and its role in finding effective treatments for Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH). We look forward to bringing you more insights on AI digital pathology from our guest speakers, so do stay tuned!

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LinkedInWebinar3 14 Jul 2020

WEBINAR: NASH Animal Models and their Clinical Relevance - Q...

Date: 14 Jul 2020

Catch this webinar on preclinical NASH, as Wuxi Apptec and HistoIndex share their experience in their efforts to determine the clinical relevance and translatability of NASH models and hepatic fibrosis in particular.

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