Products & Services

Our automated solutions – the Genesis®200, Laennec®, HistoHepa and FibroIndex – are designed to generate quantitative data with utmost accuracy and consistency for enhanced diagnosis in fibrosis and cancers.

Developed and manufactured by HistoIndex, the Genesis and Laennec each incorporates a non-linear microscope, second harmonics imager and digital image acquisition system. Currently, these systems are widely used to analyse stain-free tissue samples of over 20 organs, for clinical, academic and commercial research.

HistoHepa and FibroIndex are the specially designed software components that come with analysis algorithms to generate more objective and accurate quantification results. While HistoHepa caters to the assessment of liver tissues, FibroIndex is designed to analyse tissues of other organs such as kidney, skin, lung, heart, bone marrow, and more. These components are available as a fee-for-service via our global partners.