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Low cost and compact nonlinear (SHG/TPE) laser scanning endoscope for bio-medical application


Two-photon fluorescence (TPE) and second harmonic generation (SHG) can been used to extract biological information
from tissues at the molecular level, which is blind to traditional microscopes. Through these two image contrast
mechanisms, a nonlinear laser scanning endoscope (NLSE) is able to image tissue cells and the extra cellular matrix
(ECM) through a special fiber and miniaturized scanner without the requirement of poisonous chemical staining.
Therefore, NLSE reserves high potential for in-vivo pathological study and disease diagnosis. However, the high cost
and bulky size of a NLSE system has become one of the major issues preventing this technology from practical clinical
operation. In this paper, we report a fiber laser based multi-modality NLSE system with compact size and low cost, ideal
for in-vivo applications in clinical environments. The demonstration of the developed NLSE nonlinear imaging
capability on different bio-structures in liver, retina and skin are also presented.

Keywords: Second-harmonic generation, Two-photon fluorescence, Ultrafast fiber laser, Endoscopy

Full report can be viewed here